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Cutting Edge Glass provides residential glass installation services to clients throughout Northern New Jersey. Not only do we provide flawless installation on every project we have completed but we also work with you to create your own sophisticated and tasteful environment with impeccable precision and craftsmanship which results in a breathtaking all glass frameless shower enclosure. Below you can view many past projects and then contact us at 973.664.9893 with any questions or to set up an appointment today.

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Tips for Shower Doors

Some of the most important things to know and remember so your shower enclosure will be safe, clean and avoid leaks are the followingUse granite, marble or corian as a saddle over curbs in place of tile.

  • Wood blocking in wall behind tile where door hinges or panels will mount.
  • Ensure saddles and bench seats are pitched inward towards the shower drain so water will run off, and avoid sitting water.
  • Best to keep glass tiles away from areas where hinges or clamps will be mounted into wall.
  • Steam units require glass from curb/saddle to ceiling, therefore an interior vent in the shower is best way to keep the area dry and not have moisture problems.
  • Body sprays and/or shower heads should not be positioned at seams. The water pressure may force water past the sweeps/seals.
  • If your glass shower enclosure not cleaned for weeks or months you may get water spots that will be hard to remove or not removable. This depends on your water chemistry (each town will be different). For best results cleaning should be done with a towel or squeegee after each use. To aid in cleaning glass sealants like ClearShield reduce maintenance and cleaning time to keep your shower looking its best.

Never use the following to clean

  • Abrasive or soft abrasive powders and liquids
  • Bleach or bleach based cleaners
  • Steel or Teflon pads

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